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We tow vehicles in Tuscaloosa, AL!

Our Wrecker Services

Do you need to a tow truck service in Tuscaloosa, AL? There are plenty of options for you. If you want an easy solution, then a tow with Tuscaloosa Wrecker would work best. If you are looking for a professional tow, a highly rated company in Tuscaloosa will be your best option! As you drive through Alabama, you will notice many tow trucks on the side of the streets. These companies don’t provide a top-notch towing option. Next time you break down on the side of the road, watch them. You will see the employees most likely rush the vehicle setup, charge expensive fees, and graze over the small details. At Tuscaloosa Wrecker, we treat your car like you would treat your car – with tender loving care.  Our local towing service is 100% customer-oriented, so we will recover your car with care! The following are a brief list of services we offer at Tuscaloosa Wrecker.

Auto Towing

We provide towing services in Tuscaloosa County, and we support many vehicle types and sizes. If you require towing services for your commercial business or residential needs, we will be happy to assist you. We are the dominant towing service in the local area. Do you own a sports car, minivan, or truck? Regardless, we tow any vehicle type and size that may need our help. Whether the engine began sputtering, the steering wheel seized up, or the warning lights illuminated, we can quickly get you to safety. 

Emergency Towing

When you’re in trouble on the Tuscaloosa roads, we are a towing service near you! We provide local towing services in any weather condition, even rain or snow. If you’re a motorist stranded on the highway, Tuscaloosa Wrecker can help. We certify our new drivers before hiring them. In an emergency-related issue, we will tow your auto to a safe location. Do you need your car delivered to a car shop? Awesome, we’d be happy to deliver your car there. But maybe you need your car taken to the mechanic shop? We deliver there, too. For all your towing service needs in Tuscaloosa, call Tuscaloosa Wrecker!

Accident Recovery

Although we are a towing service, we never wish for anyone to experience an accident on the roadway. But collisions happen in Tuscaloosa, so we strive to help improve the experience with our services. Before we move debris at an accident site, we ensure everyone is safe. If someone needs medical attention, we help in any way we can. Typically, we block traffic until the first responders are finished; to prevent more accidents we move debris from the road. After they care for people, we begin our towing services. Our team will deliver your damaged vehicle to the location of your choosing. We’re happy to keep it and help with insurance arrangements, or we can tow it to a body shop. Our job is simple – help those in need. Should you need accident recovery services, we are the company to hire!

Tuscaloosa Wrecker

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