Roadside Assistance

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When you need help on the roadway, Tuscaloosa Tow Company is here for you!

Our Tuscaloosa Roadside Help Services

Are you searching for roadside assistance in Tuscaloosa, AL? Although we are a towing service, we provide roadside help too. If you are in Tuscaloosa County, we can provide you with full roadside service. When you’re stranded on the side of the highway, we will come to your rescue. We With years of experience as a tow company, we can diagnose a vehicle. If you need to replace a flat tire, who are you going to call? At Tuscaloosa Wrecker, our customers appreciate our honesty. We get your car out of harm’s way as quick & affordable as possible. Our drivers understand that you’ve got places to be, so we provide great work for you. We don’t have fantastic reviews for nothing; we are the #1 towing company in Tuscaloosa County. When you hire us, we will teach you how to get towing services without breaking the bank.

Flat Tire Replacement

We recommend learning how to replace a flat tire before an emergency occurs! If you’re driving around Tuscaloosa, know how to replace a blown-out tire. Without proper training, changing a tire on the highway can be stressful. In any situation you don’t feel comfortable changing your own tire, we can come to your rescue. Whenever you need help to replace a flat tire, our towing service in Tuscaloosa will be there soon. 

Would you let your children leave the house without knowing how to change a flat tire? After we have worked in the auto industry for years, we wouldn’t let anyone drive without proper road training. Although it can be scary, flat tires happen on the highway. You wouldn’t want to break down on the dangerous highway, so don’t let your family break down their either. You should teach them how to replace their tires or give them our phone number!

Battery Jumpstart

If you request a battery jumpstart, our experts will be there as soon as possible. We travel with the necessary equipment to start your battery, so you can be on your way quickly. No matter what area you are in, near or far from the Tuscaloosa, we are excited to help you at an affordable rate. Although we don’t specialize in dead batteries, call us when your car won’t start! Have you been late to work because of a dead car battery? We’re willing to bet that most Tuscaloosa locals have been late due to battery issues. With Tuscaloosa Wrecker, you don’t have to let battery problems delay your commute. After you call us, we are on the way as soon as possible. 

Fuel Delivery

When you need fuel delivered to your vehicle, our towing company is happy to come to your aid. We will provide you with fuel to get you to the nearest gas station. It’s dangerous to walk miles on the side of the highway for some gas, so let us do the work for you! If you’d rather receive a tow to the nearest gas station, we can tow your vehicle for you too.

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