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Our Accident Removal Services

How often are you slowed down because of a car accident in Tuscaloosa, AL? You may not be involved in the accidents, but you’re still stuck in the traffic. Although accidents occur frequently, we rarely find ourselves to blame on the roadway. We don’t wish anyone to be involved in an accident… but you could be the driver in an accident, causing a road or highway to back up with traffic. If you caused an accident, wouldn’t you want to get out of that situation quickly? When you’re involved in an accident, call Tuscaloosa Wrecker! Since we’ve spent endless hours at the scene of accidents, we are more than prepared for any job in Tuscaloosa.

Health > Everything

Before you worry about your vehicle, tend to your injuries. If other people are on the scene of the accident, they ought to care for the wounded individuals in the collision. Without a doubt, the health of the people involved in a car accident is the #1 priority. We recommend calling 9-1-1 if you have serious injuries. Although you may hurt, slight soreness and lightheadedness occur from most car accidents. After assessing your injuries, decide if an ambulance is necessary. However, sometimes no injuries are present. Here, proceed to our next step in the accident removal process.

Exchange Information

If you’re in an accident, quickly assess your vehicle. After checking over your car, your knowledge should suffice in determining if your auto is driveable. Some accidents will total your vehicle; some accidents won’t leave a scratch on your car. We recommend swapping contact and insurance info at a safe location; however, this requires your best judgement. If your car isn’t safe to drive, then staying put will be your best option. For example, let’s assume you’ve got in a fender-bender. Since your car is still safe to drive, exchange information at a nearby parking lot. By leaving the main road, approaching traffic has no danger to you. However, this example should only be used when a small accident has occurred.

If you’re in an accident resulting in debris or leakage, we don’t suggest moving the vehicles. While you’re at the scene of an accident, you should be able to decipher if your car is drivable. When you’re not comfortable driving your car, call a Tuscaloosa tow company. The quicker you call us, the quicker the tow truck will be at the scene. With our accident removal services, we strive to remove your car as quickly as possible. Before you move the vehicles, take pictures of the collision to showcase the damages!

Collision Recovery

When you hire a wrecker service, they include accident relocation in the services. If you’re worried about missing pieces from your car, be sure to ask about recovery services. Should they include given recovery, tow truck operators will look for every nut and bolt missing. We train our drivers to bring the recovered pieces with them while they haul your vehicle. 

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