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We are a wrecker service in Tuscaloosa, AL!

#1 Towing Service in Tuscaloosa, AL!

Hello, we welcome you to Tuscaloosa Wrecker! Are you searching for a tow truck service near you? Fantastic, we offer towing throughout Tuscaloosa County, AL! When we tow vehicles, we strive to provide professional wrecker services at affordable prices for Crimson Tide fans. Whether you’re in Tuscaloosa, AL or Northport, AL, we can bring your car to safety. We proudly highlight a fully licensed, enthusiastic, and experienced team of experts. Sometimes being broken down on the side of the highway can be life threatening, so we attempt to provide the fastest service in the area. As the #1 rated towing service in Tuscaloosa, we offer great benefits for our customers to enjoy. Because we value our loyal customers, we offer 24/7 emergency towing. Do you enjoy waiting for a tow service to arrive? Neither do we, but you can always take advantage of our emergency wrecker service. We look forward to recovering your car safely! If you need help, don’t be afraid to give us a ring!

Tuscaloosa Towing can recover your vehicle in Tuscaloosa, AL & Northport, AL!
We are Tuscaloosa's premium towing service.
Tuscaloosa Wrecker is the "tow service near me"!

Our Tow Truck Services

Are you searching for a wrecker service in Tuscaloosa, AL? Plenty of companies in Tuscaloosa, AL will tow your vehicle! But we recommend our towing services compared to our competitors. If you are considering Fred Robertson Wrecker Service, Bambarger Wrecker Service Inc, or Dwayne’s Towing & Recovery, you ought to reconsider. Tuscaloosa Wrecker has a price match guarantee, ensuring we don’t lose customers because of prices. We provide top-notch services in Tuscaloosa County; we offer the best rates in town. As the best towing in Alabama, we go the extra mile for our customers. When you need a “tow truck near me”, call us!

Do you need a towing company in Tuscaloosa, AL? If so, continue reading our tow techniques. First, take pictures of your vehicle before the tow company begins their work! If you cannot do this, you may end up paying more in damages you didn’t cause. Second, don’t depend on poorly rated companies. Do you want to protect yourself and your car? You ought to hire Tuscaloosa Wrecker! Our affordable towing services help get your car to safety in a pinch. And we work with insurance companies!

Auto Towing

Are you searching for “wrecker service near me”? Awesome, Tuscaloosa Wrecker is here to help you! Tuscaloosa, AL (35401) locals have trusted us for years, so you’re in great hands. We provide auto towing services; our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured. When you’re stranded on the highway, we’ll be there shortly after you call. If you’re looking for towing in the area, we are the tow company to hire!

Emergency Towing

Why don’t you have a towing service on speed dial in case of emergencies? If you’re in a dire situation on the roadway, we are here to help you. Whether your car broke down or you damaged your auto because of an accident, we can tow your vehicle to a safe location in Tuscaloosa County. When you need help, we are the team to call!

Accident Recovery

Tuscaloosa, AL locals depend on us for their tow truck needs! In case of a car accident, we can aid you in the removal or recovery of your vehicle. After you contact us, our specialists will be on the scene to assist you. While you wait, we have a few recommendations to ensure your safety. First, park your vehicle in a safe location on the shoulder. Second, warn other motorists that you’re stopped by turning on your hazard lights. Third, conserve your phone battery so you can contact authorities if need be. Fourth, you need to stay calm and relax. We promise everything will be okay if you aren’t hurt. Then, smile when Tuscaloosa Wrecker arrives!

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Has your vehicle suffered a mechanical failure, leaving you stranded? Our roadside assistance  programs can bring support to you in minutes. Many insurance plans offer roadside help, but some plans still don’t cover it. For most breakdowns, you’ll want a towing service in your contact list for roadside help. In Tuscaloosa, being stranded on the side of the road is dangerous. If you pop a tire, we can help you change the flat or tow your vehicle to an auto shop. We also provide gasoline in case you’re on empty. As the #1 tow service in the area, we strive to provide speedy service to motorists in need.

Flat Tire Replacement

Does your vehicle have a flat tire? Tuscaloosa Wrecker provides you help to change flats in Tuscaloosa County, AL. When you call us, we will immediately send out an employee to change your tire. If we can’t fix your flat tire on the side of the road, then we can tow your car to a safe location. Flat tires can cause serious problems, so we recommend that you pull over promptly after noticing your tire has low air pressure. Driving on a deflated tire isn’t only bad for your vehicle, but flat tires are also dangerous for those in the car.

Battery Jumpstart

Oops, did you leave your car lights on? When people leave their car lights on overnight, the car battery drains leaving the vehicle dead. Tuscaloosa Wrecker Service helps Tuscaloosa residents when their cars won’t start. We are a towing service in Tuscaloosa, but we also deliver roadside help to those in need. Dead car batteries suck, but what are you going to do? You will get in touch with a towing company and get on with your day! It’s not the end of the world when you have to jumpstart your dead battery.

Fuel Delivery 

At Tuscaloosa Towing Service, we understand that running out of gas on the highway is a normal occurrence. While not having enough gas sucks, it’s not a complex issue to solve. We get multiple calls everyday asking if we can deliver gas to a broken-down car. If you need gas, someone on our team will deliver it to you within a few minutes! We understand that being stuck on the side of the road is dangerous, so we always help those in need.

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